Seasonic Revamps its Product Line

Seasonic is continuously improving its products by involving users and collaborating with other hardware manufacturers to design top level power supplies. As a result of this continuous search for excellence, Seasonic is known to be one of the best analog power supply manufacturers today.
After 40 years of being in the forefront producing many new and revolutionary power conversion products, Seasonic has decided to revamp its entire product line to make it more uniform and see-through for the markets.
Throughout the years Seasonic has added many model names and number to indicate the importance of new products being introduced, but in the course of decades these series- and product names became difficult to decipher for users who did not follow the company’s product developments so closely.
Mid-2016 Seasonic launched the PRIME Series, as the debutant of this product reorganization process. The PRIME series is introduced as the flagship series for Seasonic with models that will entail a wide selection of Titanium, Platinum and Gold rated power supplies. These units are made with the best quality components and feature an innovative circuit design with a cable-free connection panel and fully modular cabling.
The Focus Series will be launched late-2016 to gradually replace the most popular mid-range product lines of Seasonic. This series will include specialty and limited edition products as well as a wide wattage range selection of essential power supplies for quality-conscious customers, gamers and enthusiast alike.
In 2017 Seasonic is planning to launch its Core series of products that correspond with the currently very popular Seasonic units all over the globe. The introduction of the Core series will be welcomed by a wide range of cost conscious end-users who require reliability.