Seasonic is Top Global Sponsor of Gaming Tribe

DALLAS, Texas — Thursday, January 28, 2016 — Gaming Tribe (GTribe), a global
social network for PC tech enthusiasts and gamers, and Seasonic Electronics Co., Ltd, (Seasonic) a leading designer, manufacturer and retailer of superior power
conversion products since 1975, announced that Seasonic has become a Top Global Sponsor of GTribe.
Seasonic will feature the latest Power Supply Units (PSU’s) and participate in the
popular GTribe promotions. Seasonic, will also increase its interactions on their GTribe
page located at
“We are excited to become a Top Global Sponsor of the GTribe community. The
gaming market is something we have always supported in a varying degree, but with
GTribe, we are now a part of a large and dynamic group of serious gamers, a group that
is at the forefront of both hardware and software technology usage,” said Walter Sun,
Marketing Director of Seasonic.
“We have been using Seasonic PSU’s in our promotional systems for years and are
pleased to see them increase their engagement with our global community. We know
that our community members already consider the Seasonic PSUs the standard for the
entire industry,” said Angel Munoz, founder and creative director of GTribe.
About Gaming Tribe
Gaming Tribe (GTribe) launched on January 29, 2014, is a global social network for PC
tech enthusiasts and gamers that is quickly becoming the center of optimism in the tech
world. The members of this unique community are known for sharing PC components,
games and peripherals with each other, with no expectation of compensation or reward.
The network has no overt advertisement and instead has chosen to be sponsored by a
small group of technology companies led by Logitech G, and the members of its
community. Join the revolution at
About Seasonic Electronics Co.
Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Seasonic”) was founded in 1975 by engineers who
wanted to make a better power supply. Sea Sonic has maintained the focus on research
and development and the production of high quality and energy efficient power supply
products. Our design and engineering team is passionate about creating new solutions
for a wide range of customers. Today the Seasonic name is the equivalent of power
supplies build to perform at highest level of reliability and standards.