Seasonic Cosponsoring ASUS ROG Camp 2016

Overclocking competitions nowadays have reached such a level of intensity that participants need to rely on vendor sponsorship to be able to maintain a high level of participation and performance. For Seasonic, it was a natural choice to team up with pro overclockers that are the forerunners of testing the limits of hardware components.
Seasonic has been known to produce award-winning power supplies that are designed to provide top performance for enthusiast keen on pushing the limits of hardware. Through the years Seasonic has become a go-to brand of overclockers who need a good quality and durable power supply with stable and reliable power output for pushing extreme limits of performance.
As world records are pouring in week-by-week, Seasonic is proud to be part of the worldwide overclocking movement that enjoys growing international recognition. The ROG CAMP 2016 Qualifiers are on the way, entries are currently open for submissions.