Review roundup – Seasonic PRIME

In just a couple short weeks Christmas will be at our doorstep but the industry is busy as always with the introduction of new products that attract attention. The sale of our new flagship series is well under way worldwide and it has received enthusiastic feedback from a great number of professional testers and reviewers around the globe.
KitGURU’s Allan ‘Zardon’ Campbell said: “The Seasonic Prime 850W Titanium power supply is one of the best power supplies we have ever tested. It is priced accordingly, but if you want the best power for your new system build, this unit gets our highest recommendation.” He gave the unit a MUST HAVE recommendation.
Allan has also tested our PRIME Titanium 750 unit and he said that “The Seasonic Prime 750W is a class leading power supply backed up with a 10 year warranty. It is a quiet and technically stellar unit which reinforces Seasonic’s reputation as the market leader. The PRIME Titanium 750W is already setting itself up as a key contender for power supply of the year 2016.” The PRIME 750 has also received a MUST HAVE Award from KItGURU.
Paul Johnson at HardOCP has shared a similar sentiment about the PRIME 850 unit, when he said that it was “the absolute best power supply we have ever seen”. He also said that “From the PRIME 850W’s outstanding built quality and design, to the voltage regulation that is something so devastating you just don’t see things like that done in polite company, to the DC Output Quality that makes your head spin the competition didn’t have a chance.” He gave this unit the prestigious Editor’s Choice award.
Our friends at JonnyGURU thought that “…the 750W model, this unit does everything right and nothing wrong…” and that “This is to date the most stable power supply I have ever tested. By far.” The unit received a perfect 10 score and a Recommended Award: