PRIME 750 W Titanium

The PRIME 750 Titanium is an excellent choice for users who are looking for an absolutely high quality analog power supply with top performance and 80 PLUS® Titanium efficiency. As compared to other models on the market, a relatively larger size (135 mm) Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan, that is set to spin at a slower rate, makes this unit one of the quietest power supplies available today. The unit’s extreme power stability will insure that it will not only last for a long time but will, at the same time, preserve all the other system components attached to it.

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80 PLUS® Titanium

The PRIME Titanium Series achieves the highest level of 80 PLUS® Titanium certification on the market with its 94 % efficiency at 50 % system load.


Cybenetics ETA Efficiency Level A

The top-level Cybenetics rating badge testifies that the PRIME Titanium 750 operates between 91 % and 94 % efficiency at all times, at any load. The power supply achieves above 77 % efficiency on the 5 Vsb rail and it merely consumes less than 0.15 W when the system is idling. (See test report | Learn more about ETA)

AMBDA Noise Level A++

Cybenetics LAMBDA Noise Level A++

The noise output of the power supply is as good as it can be; the PRIME Titanium 750 deserved the LAMBDA Noise Level A++ rating as its noise output stays below 20 dB(A) during operation. (See test report | Learn more about LAMBDA)

Fluid Dynamic Fan Bearing

High performance Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fans are designed to take advantage of the impact absorbance effects of oil. They are extremely reliable and generate considerably less operating noise and heat than ball bearing fans. The lubrication of the bearing surface reduces friction and vibration and therefore lowers overall power consumption. Due to the effortless, quieter rotations and its robust construction, this reliable fan technology also greatly increases the lifespan of the fan.

How it works

When the fan shaft rotates, high pressure oil drifts along the grooves of the bearing sleeve to generate a thin layer of lubrication between the bearing faces. As the speed increases, so does dynamic oil pressure and the shaft is lifted from the bearing to create smooth, effortless rotations. The herringbone shape of the groves helps to efficiently channel the lubricant and avert leakage.
The following illustration depicts the main characteristics of the FDB fans:


Premium Hybrid Fan Control

Seasonic’s vast experience in designing the most silent and efficient power supplies on the market was translated into the development of Hybrid Mode; a state-of-the-art fan control that enables users to keep the overall fan noise at the lowest possible level.

Power Supply Sound

The Seasonic PRIME Series is designed with very favorable level of acoustics and it uses carefully selected components and innovative circuit design to minimize sound output. Beyond our rigorous internal tests, the power supply also went through external testing with the most popular graphics cards to ensure that the sound at all loads would be kept at the lowest possible level. The chart compares the sound level of the Seasonic PRIME power supply to other ambient sounds.

fab chart

Micro Tolerance Load Regulation

Seasonic’s latest design keeps the output voltage within a very tight range, achieving under 0.5 % load regulation. This impressive electrical performance and stability makes this power supply an ideal choice for high-performance systems.

Extended Hold-up Time (30 ms)

Improved circuit design and high-quality components have greatly increased the hold-up time measured under 100 % load, from an industry standard of 16 ms to above 30 ms. This substantial improvement means that even under unstable input current conditions the power supply will continue to output stable and precise current to ensure smooth operations.

Super Low Ripple Noise (20 mV)

Seasonic’s continued commitment to excellent analog power supply design has suppressed ripple noise to fall well below the current industry average of 20 mV.

Cable-free Connection Design

Seasonic’s engineers have implemented a new design feature, where instead of cables; the back panel and the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) are connected by a copper plate. This breakthrough solution not only lowers the chance of production errors during manual insertion but it also improves output power quality.

12 Years Warranty

Our commitment to superior Seasonic quality.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Technical Specifications
Form FactorIntel ATX 12 V
Dimensions150 mm (W) x 170 mm (L) x 86 mm (H)
Fan InformationFan Size135 mm
Fan ControlPremium Hybrid Fan Control
Fan BearingFluid Dynamic Bearing
Life Expectancy50,000 hours at 40 °C, 15 % - 65 % RH
Cable InformationModularityFully Modular
Cable typeFlat black cables
Electrical FeaturesOperating Temperature0 - 50 °C
MTBF @ 25 °C, excl. fan150,000 hours
AC InputFull Range
ProtectionOPP, OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP, SCP
Safety and EnvironmentalSafety and EMCcTUVus, TUV, CB, CCC, BSMI, EAC
Environmental ComplianceEnergy Star, RoHS, WEEE, ErP Lot 6, REACH
Warranty12 Years
Power Output
AC InputVoltage: 100 V - 240 V
Current: 9.5 - 4.5 A
Frequency: 50 Hz - 60 Hz
DC OutputRail+3.3 V+5 V+12 V-12 V+5 VSB
Maximum Power20 A20 A62 A0.3 A3 A
100 W744 W3.6 W15 W
Total continuous power750 W

Specifications may change without prior notice.

ConnectorConnector countCable countCable
Main Power (24/20 pins)11
CPU (8/4 pins)22
PCIe (8/6 pins)44

Specifications may change without prior notice.


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TechPowerUp | Editor’s Choice

November 08, 2016

“As it seems, Super Flowers domination has come to an end since the Prime platform is super, offering better performance in almost every metric, including load regulation and efficiency. The Prime units are also able to deliver amazing ripple suppression without using special cables equipped with filtering caps.”

(Read More) | 5 Stars

October 26, 2016

Points positifs:

  • Garantie 10 ans
  • Stabilité exceptionnelle
  • 100 modulaire
  • Certification 80 Titanium
  • Mode hybride (donc silence)
  • Look
  • Bundle

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hwlegend | Best Buy Platinum Award

October 17, 2016

“In generale siamo rimasti sbalorditi da questo PRIME Titanium 750W.”

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Enlace Hardware | 9.9/10

October 11, 2016

“Francamente es difícil de encontrar alguna imperfección en la Seasonic Prime 750W, porque definitivamente desde nuestro punto de vista, no existe.”

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PC Perspective | Editor’s Choice

August 09, 2016

“Seasonics new PRIME 750W Titanium power supply excelled in every way during our testing. We opened this review by stating that the Prime 750W Titanium is the best power supply we have tested to date.”

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Jonny Guru | Gold Award

November 09, 2016

The Good:

  • amazing voltage regulation
  • fantastic build quality
  • amazing ripple suppression
  • semi-fanless mode
  • fully modular
  • ten year warranty
  • you know, I could go on for hours on this one…

The Bad:

  • yeah, right

The Mediocre:

  • not happening

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HardOCP | Editor’s Choice

July 21, 2016

“When a unit shows up with voltage regulation matched by maybe one or two units, DC Output Quality matched by virtually none, efficiency that is as good as it gets today, outstanding build quality, and a noise profile that insults church mice everywhere, it becomes difficult to find the right things to say.”

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Hardwareluxx | Exceleent Hardware

July 21, 2016

“Ein weiterer Bereich, in dem uns das PRIME 750W Titanium überrascht hat, ist der leise wenn nicht fast lautlose Betrieb.”

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KitGuru | Must Have

July 21, 2016

“Kitguru says: The Seasonic Prime 750W is a class leading power supply backed up with a 10 year warranty. It is a quiet and technically stellar unit which reinforces Seasonics reputation as the market leader. The PRIME Titanium 750W is already setting itself up as a key contender for power supply of the year 2016.”

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PRIME 750 W Titanium
PRIME 750 W Titanium
PRIME 750 W Titanium
PRIME 750 W Titanium