Partnership with HWBot

Siding up with a large community that unites its members who seek performance by constantly pushing limits, Seasonic became a full partner and sponsor for all the forthcoming HWBOT World Tour 2016 events. This is great news for all involved in the World Tour, as it means not only financial support but also access to some very solid power supplies throughout World Tour events. As part of its commitment to the HWBOT World Tour 2016, Seasonic has pledged to provide Platinum Series PSUs for the first two stops on the World Tour – this is great for anyone that attends the Campus Party event in Sao Paulo, Brazil on January 26 -31 and the rAge Expo event in Cape Town S.Africa in March. The Seasonic Platinum PSUs will be great additions to both the HWBOT Workshops and World Series Competitions.
Seasonic Platinum series power supplies will be familiar to many overclockers around the world. In fact Elite players like Dancop recognizes Seasonic has his brand of choice, achieving overclocking World Records and First Place submissions for numerous benchmark categories on HWBOT using Seasonic PSUs. Subsequent World Tour events throughout 2016 will take advantage of the new Titanium Series PSUs from Seasonic that were launched at CES 2016 in the US. The Seasonic Titanium series includes PSUs from 750W and up, a testament to the idea that the majority of overclockers don’t necessarily need a 1000W+ PSU. A high quality, reliable and efficient 750W PSU can often be the smart choice.