Efficiency, performance and value combined

The S12G Series is the newest addition to Seasonic’s families of award winning retail products, representing the latest innovation of our engineering team. To meet the demands of users who are looking for reliable 80 PLUS Gold performance for gaming and overall usage, the S12G Series is designed to support Intel’s Haswell processors, features more SATA cables and is an affordable solution for a wide range of applications.

The S12G Series is equipped with standard all in one cabling design and quality components that provide solid performance and reliability. With its DC to DC converter design, this series is geared up for superior dynamic response supporting a foundation for greater system stability. Adapting highly dependable 105°C Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors, the S12G Series is able to employ its features of low resistance and high level of heat-proofing under high operating temperatures, frequencies, and currents. For silent operation, the S12G Series implements S2FC design and a 120mm Ball Bearing Fan combined with a low wind drag structure. This implementation of Japanese high-quality components and silent fan control designs aim to provide a perfect balance between noise and cooling to provide an even quieter operating environment for computer users. The 5-year manufacturer’s warranty demonstrates Sea Sonic’s commitment to advanced technology, superior quality, and overall long-term reliability and performance.