Seasonic Presents the PRIME Ultra Power Supplies

With the introduction of the PRIME Titanium Series last year Seasonic started rolling out an incredible product line that caught the attention of end-users and media alike. The PRIME Series has won the prestigious Power Supply of the Year 2017 European Hardware Award. The PRIME power supply family entails some of the best performing analog power supplies reviewers have ever tested and it includes a wide range of 80 PLUS® Titanium-, Platinum-, and Gold-rated units to offer consumers wide-ranging choices for different levels of output and efficiency.

Almost a year has passed, and our engineers have yet again come up with new solutions to improve our flagship series to introduce the PRIME Ultra Series.

As graphics cards and motherboards become more efficient, their ever-decreasing power consumption has called for a new power rating variant. The introduction of the PRIME Ultra 550 W Platinum- and Gold-rated units is an answer to these current market trends where most users need high-end, high-efficiency, yet mid-range power capacity power supplies. The PRIME Ultra 550 W in many cases will even provide high enough power to reserve some headroom for future expansion.

Customers will find new additions in the retail box of the upcoming PRIME Ultra Series.

  • Seasonic has included a PSU tester in the box that will let consumers perform a quick and easy jump start on the power supply. When a system is not working properly, it can be particularly difficult to tell the difference between a faulty power supply and other components. With the help of the PSU tester, users will be able to verify whether the new power supply is working properly.
  • Each PRIME Ultra Series power supply will also ship with a SATA 3.3 adapter to support the “Power Disable” (PWDIS) feature of the newer, high-capacity hard drives. This is an important feature for people who are planning to use the PRIME Ultra to power hard drives of a smaller-scaled server at home or in an office.

Some design updates of the PRIME Ultra power supplies further optimize usability.

  • One of the most noticeable of the upgrades is that the inline capacitors on the cables were removed, which takes away from the bulk and improves cable management inside the system.
  • The new 180 degree SATA connectors will ensure more flexibility and easier installation.

The exciting features of the PRIME Ultra Series can be summarized as follows:

  • Ultra-quiet operation – thanks to the upgraded high-end capacitors and the quiet FDB fan driven by Seasonic’s Premium Hybrid Fan Control.
  • Low ripple noise and clean power output – due to high-end components
  • Compact size to fit smaller cases – 140 mm depth on the lower wattage Gold and Platinum units
  • 12 years warranty

Please note that the exact release time of the PRIME Ultra Series varies per region and per wattage.

EGE 2017 Cape Town, South Africa

The EGE 2017 (Electronic & Gaming Expo) in Cape Town, South Africa was a great success. During three days, over 15000 visitors gathered at the Convention Center, sharing their passion for video games and new technology. On this picture, people learn about the Seasonic Snow Silent power supply, an important ingredient of successful overclocking.

Seasonic PRIME Wins EHA Best PSU 2017 Award

The W Hotel in Taipei was the setting this year for the annual European Hardware Awards ceremony in front of an audience of top IT leaders and senior representatives on the first day of Computex 2017.

The European Hardware Association (EHA) began as a concept almost three years ago with the participation of KitGuru (UK), HardwareLuxx (Germany), Hardware.Info (Benelux), Geeknetic (Spain), Hardware Upgrade (Italy), Lab501 (Romania), CowCotLand (France), PurePC (Poland) and SweClockers (Nordic Countries). Together, these sites host more than 22 million visitors a year and have a combined database of more than 100,000 articles. All reviewers use high quality equipment and technical expertise to test products during countless testing sessions to provide reliable and comparable data for a wide range of public.

The award nomination process usually begins in April and it was a long wait until the final voting in May and Seasonic was thrilled to become the winner of the best PSU title again this year with its PRIME series! The Seasonic PRIME is Seasonic’ flagship series that integrates industry leading engineering solutions and it is an absolute top performer for a wide range of computer builds.


News at Computex 2017

In our modern era of technology Seasonic realizes how crucial it has become to be able to rely on a trustworthy power supply in any computer system. The company’s slogan ‘Seasonic – The Heart of Your System’ is setting the tone for the upcoming Computex show in Taipei, between May 30 and June 3, 2017.
For the first time in the history of Computex shows, Seasonic is showcasing its power supplies in action this year. Seasonic is no stranger to working and teaming up with other companies in the computer field. For this year’s Computex, the company has teamed up with renowned partners to bring the utmost PC experience to a wide range of PC enthusiasts, professionals, and gamers visiting its booth. The top-level system builds on display at the Seasonic booth are customized by experts and configured with color-matching sleeved cables (courtesy of CableMod) to clearly demonstrate that there should be no compromise between aesthetics and performance.
Seasonic Fanless power supplies are the heart of the CES Innovation Award-winner Calyos systems. The world premiere of this novel, entirely fanless, high-end PC design is held at the Seasonic booth during Computex 2017. The stylish Calyos NSG-S0 on display is powered by the Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium Fanless power supply. Cooling of the NSG-S0 is based on a phase change technology that is 100% fanless, pumpless and water-free, offering an absolute minimum noise level. After its initial Kickstarter campaign, Calyos looks forward to future product releases in the upcoming months partnering with chassis and PC manufacturers.

The most recently launched Seasonic products stand in the spotlight of the Seasonic booth this year. The PRIME Titanium Series is Seasonic’s flagship line of power supplies with outstanding performance, built on the foundations of more than forty years of Seasonic engineering knowledge and experience. The units in this series entail a wide selection of Titanium, Platinum and Gold rated power supplies that are the fine results of Seasonic’s continuous commitment to innovation and advancement. Improved load regulation, highly suppressed ripple noise and a generous 12-year manufacturer’s warranty are just some of the characteristics that set these series apart from other power supplies on the market.

As Seasonic is in the process of revamping its entire product line, stealing the spotlight this year are the newest debutants – the FOCUS and FOCUS+ Series. Seasonic engineers have created this brand new, small footprint, advanced product platform to replace some of the brand’s popular outgoing products with 80 PLUS® Platinum and 80 PLUS® Gold efficiency rating units. These series include a wide wattage range of essential power supplies for quality-conscious customers, gamers and enthusiast alike. All FOCUS power supplies implement clever design and demonstrate outstanding electrical performance. The FOCUS+ series is a small and reliable power supply with entirely modular cables, which is a package hard to resist.
The necessity of fail-safe servers and storages is on the rise and redundant power supplies are the critical components of high-end systems that cannot afford any down time. At Computex 2017, Seasonic is introducing its first line of 80 PLUS® Platinum certified CRPS (Common Redundant Power Supply) units for rack mount systems of different form factors, with output ranges between 600 W and 800 W per single module.
For first-hand information, please visit the Computex 2017 Seasonic Booth at Nangang Hall 1 Stand i1217 between May 30 – June 3, 2017. Check out our Booth Guide!

Seasonic PRIME Titanium EHA Nomination

On Monday 29th May 2017, the eve of Computex 2017, at 7pm, the winners of the European Hardware Awards 2017 will be announced at the W Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.
In deciding the finalists, all of the European Hardware Association (EHA) Editors came together, just like they do every year, to create a master list of the best products being sold in the European Union. The EHA Award Committee is comprised of the editors of the most prominent hardware review sites – Hardware.Info (The Netherlands), KitGuru (United Kingdom), Hardwareluxx (DE), SweClockers (Sweden), CowCotland (France), Geeknetic (Spain), Hardware Upgrade (Italy), PurePC (Poland) and Lab 501 (Romania).
Based on this year’s results the Seasonic PRIME Titanium is a finalist and a great contender for the 2017 EHA Award.

Seasonic Embraces New ETA and LAMBDA Ratings

In the wake of many years of getting comfortable with 80 plus efficiency ratings of PC power supplies, in the past year a new company has emerged with the aim to take the testing of power supplies to the next level. Cybenetics has devised a revolutionary testing system where power supplies are examined under even more stringent circumstances than previously. This rating system renders all power supplies easily comparable and it also has added a crucial element to the process – the testing of the sound output of the power supplies.
Seasonic was glad to jump on board to assess the performance of their PRIME units to see how they fare against the new Cybenetics test parameters. Seasonic was even happier to receive back the first test results of its flagship units, which without exception have demonstrated that they have passed the highest level of certifications with flying colors.
For more information about the testing methods and test results please visit the Cybenetics website.


March 3, 2017, Taipei, Taiwan

In early 2003 the ATX Mainboard 20-Pin connector was upgraded to the current ATX 24-Pin connector. Although rumours for another change have since been around, the 24–Pin standard continues and there is still no significant change in sight. Even as CPU speed and system components evolve, a great number of computer owners are holding on to the most basic and important of their components; the Seasonic power supply. Many end-users have reported that their 10 years old Seasonic power supply is still running and this affirms that the Company has accomplished what it has set out to do – to provide a long-term, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable solution to its customers.

Seasonic is committed to continue to keep the trust of its customers by manufacturing highly reliable power supplies that they buy for many years of usage. For this reason, effective immediately, the factory warranty on all Seasonic PRIME series power supplies will be upgraded from the current 10 years to an industry-leading 12 years. This upgrade also includes all PRIME units that have already been sold prior to this date.

This significant change not only demonstrates Seasonic’s high level of appreciation to its customers’ support but it also attests the company’s trust and belief in its own products. Seasonic customers can make sure that they can change all their other components but their Seasonic power supply will just keep on working and will be protected with an exceptionally strong factory warranty.

— Team Sea Sonic



Seasonic Revamps its Product Line

Seasonic is continuously improving its products by involving users and collaborating with other hardware manufacturers to design top level power supplies. As a result of this continuous search for excellence, Seasonic is known to be one of the best analog power supply manufacturers today.
After 40 years of being in the forefront producing many new and revolutionary power conversion products, Seasonic has decided to revamp its entire product line to make it more uniform and see-through for the markets.
Throughout the years Seasonic has added many model names and number to indicate the importance of new products being introduced, but in the course of decades these series- and product names became difficult to decipher for users who did not follow the company’s product developments so closely.
Mid-2016 Seasonic launched the PRIME Series, as the debutant of this product reorganization process. The PRIME series is introduced as the flagship series for Seasonic with models that will entail a wide selection of Titanium, Platinum and Gold rated power supplies. These units are made with the best quality components and feature an innovative circuit design with a cable-free connection panel and fully modular cabling.
The Focus Series will be launched late-2016 to gradually replace the most popular mid-range product lines of Seasonic. This series will include specialty and limited edition products as well as a wide wattage range selection of essential power supplies for quality-conscious customers, gamers and enthusiast alike.
In 2017 Seasonic is planning to launch its Core series of products that correspond with the currently very popular Seasonic units all over the globe. The introduction of the Core series will be welcomed by a wide range of cost conscious end-users who require reliability.

ROG CAMP – 2016

600 liters of liquid nitrogen was poured over hardware during the weekend for the ROG Camp Overclocking Workshop, the competition that followed the HWBot World Tour Finals in Berlin. The coolant drives temperatures 200 °C below zero to stop voltage in the CPU with air or water cooling immediately. “If the hardware is still going, you were not at the limit” – they say… You need to handle the liquid nitrogen very carefully. Overclocking is for the patient; the settings are modified step-by-step and the temperatures are dropped little-by-little. IN the ROG Camp junior-overclockers have the opportunity to “Meet and Clock” with eh world’s elite level overclockers.
All OC setups were driven by Seasonic Platinum series power supplies.

Play our Christmas Game!

Thinking about Christmas and gifts? Let us help you a little… Here is a great opportunity for everyone around the world to win a powerful Seasonic power supply and some Seasonic goodies! – HERE
1st Prize PRIME 650
2nd Prize Seasonic Snow Silent 1050
3rd Prize Seasonic X-1250
The Rules:
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2. Answer the question: “Which one is your favorite Seasonic power supply model?” and write down your answer , or …
3. … alternatively, send us a Seasonic-related picture in the comment section of this Facebook Cover Photo.
4. This action will run between December 3 and January 1, 2016.

Good luck everyone!

First Ever HWBOT World Champion is Crowned

The entire year of 2016 in Overclocking terms came down to a face-to-face, 30 minute contest between Canada’s Marc0053 and Poland’s Xtreme Addict. A massive congrats to Marc0053 for his remarkable success at the HWBOT World Championship. He can now carry the honor of being HWBOT World Champion of 2016, the first ever Overclocker to carry this title. Well done!
All finalists used Seasonic Platinum power supplies.